• Nurain Sheikh

How to promote your Website in 2020: 10 powerful ways

Updated: Feb 4

To run a successful online business, building a beautiful website is the first step and the next crucial step is "Market/promote your website". Today, I'm going to share the best ways to promote your website for free!

There are approximately 2 billion websites on the internet but only 20-25% of them are active! These numbers seem illusory but it's real. I just want to say that you build your online presence to gain new audiences/customers but, if no one is around to see it then it's worthless!

So let's see the different tactics to spreading awareness of your website and how it'll help!

  1. SEO

  2. Blog

  3. Email marketing

  4. Social media

  5. Online business directory

  6. Link building

  7. List in different search engines/webmaster

  8. Signature

  9. Quora

  10. Quality content

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is the best way to rank your website on google and get free organic traffic to your site. Building a responsive and optimized site with quality content is the key to SEO practice. Before creating any content research about the keywords using tools like google keyword planner and also use google trends to get the idea about the trend.

At the start, it's good practice to use long-tail keywords with high search volume and lower competition. Now add these keywords into heading and meta description and also include in the alt tag of images, these are the basics of SEO. Each search engines use their algorithms to show the results and it depends on things like how much your content is useful/ relevant, the keywords and backlinks(other sites referring to your content).

2. Blog:

Starting a blog is one of the best and evergreen methods to promote your website and gain new audiences. It helps to rank your website in search engines like google and also helps to showcase yourself as an expert in your field. The purpose of a blog is engaging and educating your audiences to build brand identification and trust.

Use guest blogging, it provides a new reading taste to your audience and it also helps you to build a network with the people in your field.

3. Email marketing:

Do you have a mail list? Cause it is proven that among all the digital marketing tactics, email marketing is an effective way to increase your conversion rate! Having a mail list is essential for all types of business. Email marketing helps to engage your audiences, to provide the sale/discount offers, and to drive traffic to your site.

You have to be careful by not overwhelm your subscriber by sending them spammy and salesy mail. After all, they give their mail address to get specific and useful information from you.

There are many free/paid tools used for email marketing, they provide a range of newsletter design and you can customize it on your own. Having great content and a beautiful mail template attracts people to check out your post.

4. Social media

As I previously said, social media has changed the digital marketing strategy a lot. Creating a social media post is part of content marketing in which you create a post to engage your audiences. It helps to spread awareness of your business and build trust. It helps you to connect with your audiences socially and build a community. It busts your branding also.

It helps to build a network with the other community in your business and sharing each other's posts makes your business appear in front of new networks. Provide freebies/ giveaways to collect contact details of your audiences. This way you can grow your email list.

5. Online directory:

Listing your business into online directories is a free and reliable way to appear in front of the people who search online for the product/service that you provide. It's beneficial when you have a physical shop and a website, the search engine provides map address and web address to the people.

6. Signature:

Have you ever recognize any company/brand by just seeing a post, content. That's what a signature means, you adding the business logo, slogan, and address of your website while creating a post. These things help people to identify your business.

7. Link building:

Search engine refers and ranks your website automatically if it is linked to the other high-quality websites. Just not only backlinks but the out-linking is also important, insert an out link in your content that is related and can help your audiences to gain fruitful information. This strategy also improves the chances that they might give a backlink to your content.

Remember linking your site to low-quality websites can decrease the chances of ranking. Many business owners who just built their online presence have no time to promote their website, so they hire the freelancer for this job. And after that, they don't even check the keywords/ phrases that the freelancer used to link their site.

So take your own time to learn the SEO it's not as difficult as you think, only a bit more practice and knowledge required. And if you don't have time for this the best practice is to hire an SEO executive that'll take care of all about your website.

8. Listing in search engines:

To gain new audiences and promote your site, list your sitemap and new content in search engines like google, bing, and yahoo. This also known as the webmaster tool, it helps to increase your site's traffic and provides the analytics data of your posts like which post is ranking higher and which post has issues!

9. Quora:

Quora is the place where people always looking for answers to their questions. It's a good opportunity to build a new network with the people interested in your field. First, select a niche of your field and then provide information/answers to their questions actively. And whenever you find phrases/keywords related to your blog then don't forget to link them along.

10. Quality content:

If you provide that quality content then people are always willing to share it. So give priority to the quality over quantity. Regularly post about the updates of your field and write the articles on the topics that your audiences want. Use infographics and images and engage your audiences. Write your article in such a way that all types of readers can understand it easily.

Use these tactics and I'm sure it'll improve your website traffic and also helps to rank on google. If you find this article informative then don't forget to share it with others!